Locarno Classification


  • the class number should be indicated in Arabic figures; the subclass number should also be indicated in Arabic figures and it must always contain two digits; for the subclasses, therefore, the numbers 1 to 9 should be preceded by a 0; the class number should be separated from the subclass number by a dash (for example, Subclass 4 of Class 1 should be indicated as "1-04")
  • the class and subclass numbers should be preceded by the indication "Cl." (for example, Cl. 1-04)
  • if the numbers of several classes or subclasses must be indicated for one and the same deposit or registration, the classes should be separated by semicolons and subclasses by commas (for example, Cl. 8-05, 08; 11-01)
  • the numbers of the classes and subclasses should be preceded by the abbreviation "LOC" and the edition according to which the industrial designs have been classified should be indicated by an Arabic figure in round brackets (for example, LOC (11) Cl. 8-05)