Locarno Classification


  • The titles of the classes and subclasses provide a general indication as to the area to which the goods belong. Some goods may be covered by more than one such title, however. It is therefore advisable to consult the Alphabetical List to make sure of the classification of various goods.
  • Explanatory notes relating to a class are not repeated in the subclasses which they concern. It is therefore advisable to consult them when studying the notes appearing in the subclasses themselves.
  • In principle, goods are classified first according to their purpose and subsidiarily, if this is possible, according to the object that they represent. This latter classification is optional.
  • Where there is no special classification provided for goods intended to form part of another product, those goods are placed in the same class and subclass as the product of which they are intended to form part, if they cannot normally be used for another purpose.
  • Goods, which are multipurpose composite objects are, with the exception of multipurpose composite pieces of furniture, placed in all the classes and subclasses that correspond to each of the intended purposes.