Locarno Classification


Letter - R


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Cl.-Subcl.IndicationID No.
Rabbit hutches
Racing cars
Racks for feeding animals
Racks for fruit and vegetables [except for display stands]
Racks for hanging bags for filling
Racks for hanging tools
Racks for postcards
Racks for test tubes
Racquets for games
Radar apparatus
Radiation detectors
Radiator cap ornaments
Radiator caps for vehicles
Radiator covers
Radiator covers for vehicles
Radiator grilles for vehicles
Radiators for heating
Radiators for vehicles
Radio aerials
Radio dials
Radio headphones
Radio receivers
Radio-frequency identification [RFID] bracelets
Radios for vehicles
Rail anchors
Rail joints
Rail trolleys
Rail vehicles
Railroad tie screws
Railroad ties
Rails for sliding doors
Railway carriage bodies
Railway carriage doors
Railway carriages
Railway points
Railway rails
Railway signal discs
Railway signals [fixed]
Railway sleeper screws
Railway sleepers
Railway switches
Railway timetables
Railway turntables
Railway wagons
Rain gauges
Rakes [hand tools]
Rakes [machines]
Rammers [hand tools]
Range finders
Rasps [tools]
Rat traps
Rattles [toys]
Razor blades
Razor cases
Readers [data processing]
Reading and talking pens
Reading stands
Reaping and binding machines
Rear lamp clusters for vehicles
Rearview mirror cups
Rearview mirrors for vehicles [interior]
Receptacles for queen bee rearing
Recesses for telephones
Rechargeable batteries
Record changers
Record player needles
Record player turntables
Record players
Recorders for magnetic optical discs
Recording meters for telephone charges
Rectal enema syringes
Reducers [electricity]
Reducing garments
Reeds for musical instruments
Reel type brakes [fishing rods]
Reels for electric wires
Reels for fishing lines
Reels for fishing rods
Reels for metal strips
Reels for textile machines
Reels for thread
Reels for yarn
Reels for yarn and thread
Refills for ball-point pens
Refills for mosquito repellent bracelets
Reflecting bands for the feet
Reflective clothing
Reflective strapping
Reflectors for photography or cinematography
Refractory materials
Refrigerated lorries
Refrigerated rail cars
Refrigerated rail wagons
Refrigerated sales counters
Refrigerated showcases
Refrigerated trucks
Refrigerating apparatus
Refrigerator doors
Refuse bags
Refuse incinerators
Refuse lorries
Refuse receptacles
Registration plates for vehicles
Regulators [clocks]
Regulators for heating installations
Rein guards
Reinforced glass
Reins [harness]
Relays, electric
Religious apparel
Religious cabinets
Religious objects [jewellery]
Remote controls [except wireless] for diapositive projectors
Remote controls [wireless]
Remote-controlled toys
Removable floor tiles for outdoor use
Rescue bags for transport of persons
Rescue chutes
Rescue nets
Rescue robots
Rescue sleds
Resistance bands
Resistance boxes [electricity]
Resistances [electricity]
Respiratory masks
Rest barriers [outdoor]
Reticules [handbags]
Reusable ice cubes
Revolution counters
Ribbons [decorative trimmings]
Rice cookers
Riddles [tools]
Riding saddles
Rifle bullets
Rifle magazines
Rigid piping
Rings for beach games
Rings for birds
Rinsing machines for barrels
Rinsing tubs
Riveting hammers
Riveting machines
Road making machines
Road maps
Road marking apparatus
Road rollers [motor driven]
Road signals
Road vehicle trailers
Road-marking devices
Roasting spits
Robotic exoskeleton suits [walking aids]
Robotic exoskeleton suits for lifting loads
Robotic lawn mowers
Robotic vacuum cleaners
Robots [other than those with a specific function]
Robots [toys]
Robots for guiding people
Robots for preparing food or drink
Robots for window cleaning
Rock drills
Rock drills [machines]
Rockets [fireworks or missiles]
Rocking horses
Rods for reinforcing concrete
Roll calenders [textile]
Roller skates
Roller skis
Rollers for dispensing cloth [in shops]
Rolling mills for metal
Rolling pins
Rolling presses for paper making
Rolls or packs of paper [toilet paper or napkins]
Rollup poster stands
Roof boxes for vehicles
Roof lights for vehicles
Roofing plates
Rooftop tents for vehicles
Rooftop wind turbines
Root slicers [machines]
Root slicers, hand-operated
Roses for watering cans
Rosettes [ornaments]
Rosettes for locks
Rotary clothes driers
Rotary washing lines
Rotating file cabinets
Rotors of electric motors and generators
Roulette [games]
Roundabouts [fairground]
Roundabouts for children's playgrounds
Row counters [knitting]
Rowing exercising machines
Rubber pants for babies
Rubber stamps
Rucksack frames
Rudders for aircraft
Rudders for ships
Rules for measuring
Ruling pens
Running boards for railway carriages
Running boards for road vehicles