Locarno Classification


Letter - I

Cl.-Subcl.IndicationID No.
Ice axes
Ice bags for medical purposes
Ice boats
Ice breakers
Ice buckets
Ice crampons for shoes [except for climbing]
Ice cream
Ice cream cornets [edible]
Ice cream drip guards
Ice cream freezers, electric
Ice cream goblets
Ice cream sticks
Ice cube trays
Ice hockey pucks
Ice hockey sticks
Ice machines [vehicles] for skating rinks
Ice machines and apparatus
Ice pails
Ice scrapers
Ice skates
Ice tongs
Icing syringes [confectionery]
Icons [for computers]
Identification badges
Identification cards
Identification sheaths for electric conductors
Identity card cases
Identity plaques
Igniters for gaseous fuel burners
Ignition coils for motors
Ignition fuses
Ignition regulators for motors
Illuminated Advent stars
Illustrated postcards
Imitation fur
Imitation leather
Imitation vegetation
Immersion heaters
Implantable pacemakers
Impregnated wipes
Incense burners
Incense-smoking figurines
Incontinence pads
Incubators [medical apparatus]
Incubators for eggs
Incubators for newborn infants
Indicating pointers
Indicator boards [call bells]
Indoor cultivation apparatus
Indoor fireplaces
Indoor propagators
Induction coils
Industrial robots
Infant carriers worn on the body
Infants' bootees
Infants' leggings
Inflatable lifting tools
Inflatable marquees
Inflatable tubes for aquatic activities
Inflators for dinghies and mattresses
Infrared lamps for heating
Ingot molds
Ingot moulds
Injection molding machines
Injection moulding machines
Injection tubes
Inking apparatus for printing machinery
Inking rollers for printing machines
Inline skates
Inner soles
Inner tube valve caps for pneumatic tyres
Inner tubes for pneumatic tyres
Insect or bird catching nets
Insertions [tulle, lace]
Inspection robots
Instruction booths
Instruments and utensils for medical or laboratory diagnosis
Insufflation apparatus for pneumothorax
Insulated building panels
Insulated electric wires
Insulating bottles
Insulating boxes [household]
Insulating fabrics
Insulating pots
Insulating tapes for cables
Insulators [electricity]
Intake pipes for central heating
Intelligent access control devices
Intelligent delivery lockers
Intercom phones
Intercommunication devices
Interdental brushes
Interior linings for vehicles
Interlabial pads
Intrauterine devices [IUD]
Invalid beds
Invalid carriages
Invalid chairs
Ironing board covers
Ironing boards
Ironing machines
Ironwork for gutters
Irradiation apparatus
Irrigation installations
Irrigators [medical]
Isolation tanks [for relaxation]
Isothermic garments for underwater fishing
Itinerant vendors' carts
Itinerants' caravans