Locarno Classification


Letter - F


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Cl.-Subcl.IndicationID No.
Fabric stretching frames
Face masks for infection control
Face shields
Face shields for infection control
Facial hair trimmers
Facial mask making appliances
Facial massagers
Facsimile machines
Fairground shooting galleries
Fairings for motorcycles
Fall controllers for parachutists
False beards
False ceilings
False eyelashes
False hair
False hairpieces
False moustaches
False nails
False shirtfronts [dickies]
Fancy handkerchiefs
Fans for personal use
Fare recorders
Fare registers
Farinaceous food pastes
Fasteners [haberdashery]
Fasteners for footwear
Fasteners for machine belts
Fasteners for packaging
Fasteners for stirrup leathers
Fastening clips for cables
Fastenings for babies' diapers
Fastenings for babies' nappies
Fastenings for motor truck loading gates
Fastenings for spectacles
Faucet handles
Fax machines
Feather dusters
Feathers for adornment
Feeding bottles for infants
Feeding devices for invalids
Feet of ladders
Fence pickets
Fencing foils
Fencing masks
Fencing-foil tips
Fermenting chambers for baking
Ferris wheels
Ferrules for table knives
Ferrules for umbrella handles
Ferrules for umbrellas
Ferry boats
Fertilizer spreaders
Festive decorations
Festive dolls
Field glasses
Figures for Christmas cribs
Figures for vehicle license plates
Figures for vehicle registration plates
Figurines [toys]
Filaments for light bulbs
File cabinets [furniture]
Filing boxes [office equipment]
Filing containers for compact discs
Filing containers for diskettes
Filing containers for visiting cards
Filing machines
Filing pages for coins for collectors
Filing trays [office equipment]
Filling indicators for vacuum cleaners
Filling stations
Film cassettes
Film developing apparatus and implements
Film loaders [photography]
Film projectors
Film splicers
Filming apparatus
Filters [photography]
Filters for engines
Finger bowls
Finger plates for doors
Finger rings
Finger-stalls [for household, medical or other purposes]
Finials for curtain poles
Fire alarms
Fire detectors
Fire engines [vehicles]
Fire extinguisher tanks
Fire extinguishing pumps
Fire grates
Fire hose nozzles
Fire hoses
Fire hydrants
Fire sprinklers
Fire starters
Fire tongs
Firecrackers for parties
Firedamp detectors
Fireguards [household]
Fireplace bellows
Fireplace implements
Fireplace screens
Fireproof garments
Fireside chairs
Firewood baskets
Firewood holders
Firewood stands [fireplace implements]
First aid kits [containers]
Fish cakes
Fish cutting and gutting machines
Fish hooks
Fish plates [rail]
Fish scalers
Fish tanks
Fishermen's jerseys
Fishing bait holders
Fishing harpoons
Fishing lines
Fishing lures
Fishing net clearers
Fishing nets
Fishing rod holders
Fishing rod props
Fishing rods
Fishing tackle
Fishing traps
Fittings for curtains and blinds
Fittings for doors
Fittings for furniture
Fittings for hanging cupboards
Fittings for locks
Fittings for rearview mirrors
Fittings for shelving
Fittings for showers
Fittings for vehicle bonnets
Fittings for windows
Fixed apparatus and equipment for doctors
Fixed apparatus and equipment for hospitals
Fixed apparatus and equipment for laboratories
Fixing devices [brackets] for loudspeakers
Fixing devices for ceiling light fittings
Flagpole holders
Flame arresters
Flame deflectors for oil-fired heating devices
Flame throwers
Flaming torches
Flash apparatus [photography]
Flashing direction indicators for vehicles
Flashlamps for photography
Flat bolts [locks]
Flex holders for flat-irons
Flexible cold packs
Flexible pipes
Flight simulators for training
Flint paper
Flippers for swimming
Floating and underwater mines
Floating barriers for preventing oil pollution
Floating bridges
Floating cranes
Floating drydocks
Floats for fishing
Floats for navigation
Floor chairs
Floor cleaning machines
Floor cloths
Floor drains [indoor and outdoor]
Floor lamps [torchères]
Floor polishers, electric
Floor protectors for furniture
Floor rugs
Floor scrapers
Floor squeegees
Floppy discs
Flour milling machines
Flow checking apparatus
Flower bowls
Flower boxes [indoor]
Flower boxes [outdoor]
Flower decorations
Flower holders
Flower stands [furniture]
Flower stands [masonry]
Flower vases
Flowerpot covers
Flued stoves
Fluid analysis apparatus
Fluid distribution equipment
Fluorescent belts [clothing]
Fluorescent lamps
Flushing cisterns
Flushing devices for water closets
Fly swatters
Flying boards
Flying discs [toys]
Flying trapezes
Flypaper holders
Foam sprays [firefighting]
Fodder presses
Fog machines
Fog signals
Foil cutters for bottles
Fold-down seats
Folders for film negatives [loose leaves]
Folders for hanging files
Folders for photographic negatives and prints
Folding doors
Folding machines [bookbinding]
Folding seats
Folding tables
Fondue pots
Food covers [domes]
Food industry machines
Food masticators
Food storage containers for household use
Food warmers for table use
Foosball tables
Foot measuring devices
Football boots
Football jerseys
Football tables
Footmuffs [electric or non-electric]
Forcing frames [horticulture]
Forging presses
Forklift trucks
Forklifts [apparatus]
Forks [tools] [except garden forks]
Forks for cycles or motorcycles
Forms [printed]
Foundation bolts
Fountain pen nibs
Fountain pens
Fountains [construction]
Fountains for interior decoration
Fowl confining devices
Frame aerials [radio and television]
Frames for cycles or motorcycles
Frames for gymnastic exercises
Frames for making mattresses
Frames for movements [clocks and watches]
Frames for needlework
Frames for outdoor games
Frames for pictures or mirrors
Frames for posters
Frames for pushchairs
Frames for strollers
Frames for transparencies [slides]
Frames for vehicle license plates
Frames for vehicle registration plates
Framework [building]
Franking machines
Freezer blocks
Freight containers
French curves
French windows
French-fry cutters, electric
French-fry cutters, non-electric
Frequency converters [radio and television]
Frost indicators [electric]
Fruit [artificial]
Fruit bowls
Fruit chips
Fruit crisps
Fruit dishes
Fruit gatherers [tools]
Fruit gums
Fruit juice extractors [electric]
Fruit juice extractors non-electric [household]
Fruit or vegetable juice extractors, hand-operated [household]
Fruit squeezers, electric
Fruit squeezers, hand-operated
Fruit stoners [household]
Frying pans
Fuel injection pumps
Fuel pumps [service stations]
Fuel tanks for motorcycles
Fuel-consumption indicators for vehicles
Fumigators for the treatment of plants
Funeral wreaths
Funerary palls
Funicular railway carriages
Funicular railways
Funnels [household utensils]
Funnels for locomotives
Furniture casters
Furniture doors
Furniture drawers
Furniture dusters with handle
Furniture feet
Furniture for bathrooms [without sanitary apparatus and equipment]
Furniture for pets
Furniture fronts
Furniture legs
Furniture tops
Furniture with compartments
Furniture with drawers
Furs [garments]
Fuse holders
Fuse terminals [electricity]
Fuses [electricity]