Locarno Classification


Letter - A


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Cl.-Subcl.IndicationID No.
Abdominal belts
Abrading machines
Abrasive files
Abrasive sheet holders
Absorbent bandages
Absorbent brushes
Absorbent cleaning cloths
Absorbent paper for household purposes
Abutments for bridges
Accelerator pedals for vehicles
Access control gates
Accident signalling devices
Accounting books
Accounting machines
Accounting sheets
Accumulator charging apparatus
Accumulator jars
Accumulator plates
Accumulators, electric
Acoustic building elements
Acoustic measuring instruments
Actuators [machines]
Acupressure mats
Acupuncture instruments
Adapters for electrical connector sockets
Adapters for pipe joints
Adding machines
Address books
Address holders for luggage
Address plates
Address plates for addressing machines
Addressing machines
Adhesive articles for breast support
Adhesive tape dispensers
Adhesive tapes
Admission tickets
Advent calendars
Advertisement boards
Advertisement inserts
Advertisement insets
Advertisement posters
Advertisement screens
Advertising devices [luminous or not, mobile or static]
Advertising pillars
Advertising placards
Aerials for vehicles
Aerosol dispensers
Aerosol dispensers for air fresheners
Aerosol dispensers for insecticides
Agricultural atomizers [hand-operated]
Agricultural machines
Agricultural rollers, hand-operated
Air balloons
Air conditioners
Air conditioning apparatus
Air cushion vehicles
Air cushions
Air dehumidifiers
Air deodorizing apparatus
Air dispensers for inflating tyres
Air fresheners [except apparatus]
Air fryers
Air guns
Air humidifiers
Air humidifiers for heating radiators
Air mattresses
Air pumps for condensers
Air pumps for laboratories
Air purifiers
Air sterilizing apparatus
Air vents
Air-intake grilles for vehicles
Airtight and watertight padding [construction]
Alarm clocks
Alarm watches
Alarms indicating water shortage in boilers
Album leaves fitted with pockets
Albums of all sorts [stamps, photographs, postcards]
Alcohol burners for cooking
All-terrain vehicles [ATV]
Alphabets [printing characters]
Aluminium foil for household use
Ammunition caps
Amphibian vehicles
Ampules [packaging]
Amusement apparatus
Amusement railways
Anaesthetic apparatus
Anaesthetic masks
Anatomical cushions
Anchoring components [building]
Anchors for mining
Angle grinders
Angle irons
Angle irons [L-shaped sections]
Animal clothing
Animal or plant husbandry heaters
Animal pads
Animal shearing apparatus
Animal skins
Announcement cards
Antenna sockets
Anti-cellulite appliances
Anti-dazzle devices for vehicles
Anti-dazzle shades for fixing to headgear
Anti-dazzle spectacles
Anti-drip devices for necks of containers
Anti-drip rings for bottles
Anti-drone guns
Anti-dust nasal filters
Anti-glare windshields
Anti-hail guns
Anti-noise casings for computer printers
Anti-noise casings for printing machines
Anti-noise screens [building materials]
Anti-skid chains
Anti-slip carpets
Anti-slip mats for bathtubs and shower trays
Anti-snoring devices
Anti-splash nozzles for taps
Anti-theft alarms
Anti-theft interlocking strips for doors
Anti-theft mirrors
Anti-theft posts for motorcycles
Anti-wrinkle appliances
Anti-wrinkle dressings [cosmetic products]
Anvil beaks for edging
Apparatus and installations for medical or laboratory diagnosis
Apparatus for adjusting vehicle headlights
Apparatus for air sterilization
Apparatus for animated advertising
Apparatus for boring the ground
Apparatus for counting bank notes
Apparatus for curling and waving the hair
Apparatus for cutting plaster-of-paris bandages
Apparatus for developing muscles
Apparatus for drawing liquids and filling bottles, hand-operated
Apparatus for electrifying cattle fences
Apparatus for gymnastics
Apparatus for handling
Apparatus for keeping the mouth open [dentistry]
Apparatus for lighting fires
Apparatus for loading blast furnaces
Apparatus for making rolls of coins
Apparatus for measuring the draft of ships
Apparatus for smoothing bank notes
Apparatus for supply of gas
Apparatus for taking blood samples
Apparatus for thermotherapy
Appliances for dosing foodstuffs
Appliances for sealing bags [household]
Appliances, hand-operated, for preparing drinks
Applicators for toilet bowl cleaning gel
Applicators of liquid wax [household]
Aprons [clothing]
Aquarium stands
Aquariums for flowers
Arc lamp regulators
Arc lamps
Architects' plans
Architectural moldings
Architectural mouldings
Armbands for mobile telephones
Armored vehicles
Armrests for vehicle seats
Arms of spectacle frames
Arms of windscreen wipers
Arrangement of a park
Arrangement of automobile interiors
Arrangement of boat interiors
Arrangement of educational facility interiors
Arrangement of office interiors
Arrangement of restaurant interiors
Arrangement of shop interiors
Arrangement of the interior of a room
Arrangement of train interiors
Arrangement of window displays
Articles of clothing for dolls
Artificial eyes
Artificial fish with hooks [bait]
Artificial flies for fishing
Artificial flowers
Artificial foliage
Artificial grass tiles
Artificial heart valves
Artificial limbs
Artificial lung ventilation apparatus
Artificial plants
Artificial reefs
Artificial teeth
Artificial worms for fishing
Artificial wreaths
Ash bins
Ashpan sifters
Assay balances
Astronomical clocks
Astronomical globes
Astronomical maps
Athletics equipment
Atomic piles
Atomizers for insecticides [except aerosol dispensers and agricultural atomizers]
Atomizers for medicine [except aerosol dispensers]
Atomizers for varnish [except aerosol dispensers]
Atomizers, vaporizers and sprayers for perfumes [except packaging]
Attaché cases
Attachment anchors for animals
Attachments for affixing brushes to their handles
Audio and video apparatus for reproducing sounds or images
Audio mixers
Audiovisual teaching apparatus
Augmented reality graphical user interfaces [for screen display]
Autoclaves [medicine]
Automatic cleaners for swimming pools
Automatic machines for games of chance
Automatic swimming pool cleaners
Automatic teller machines [on-line banking terminals]
Automatic vending machines for cigarettes
Automatic vending machines for drinks
Automatic vending machines for ice cream cornets
Automatic vending machines for sweets